About Me…I change Daily!

I have to say (soon to turn 67) I am happier than I have ever been! I am volunteering at a non-religious orphanage with IHF “International Humanity Foundation” for one year. And, yes it has changed my life. I finally figured this life thing out! “We are put on this earth to enjoy life,” If I am not… I am doing something wrong!

A friend recently told me “You had to go through the good and bad to get where you are today.” I really try my best to live for this day. Sometimes I sneak into the pain of the past, but I don’t stay there anymore.

I get my energy from friends who support me, even if they don’t agree with what I am doing. I guess that’s why they are friends.
I have over 40 stories published and 40 some videos on  YouTube. Not because I am an expert in these fields (I still can’t spell and never did understand punctuation) but by doing this it opened a part of my heart I didn’t even know existed. Bottom line is… I am having fun.
Although last night I questioned the fun thing when I found a bunch of ants in my bed.

One thing I figured out…”I cannot change another person’s life.” However, I can be an example for them to want to change. WOW…what a relief, I am not God!

So guys hang in there with me, and I promise to make you smile and have fun with me on this adventure….Love…JIM.


21 thoughts on “About Me…I change Daily!

  1. Eve - Cancun

    Awesome Jim, thank you sooooooooo much for all your effort to share with all of us. God bless you and replenish your light and energy so you can keep giving it to those in need.

    • Eve, sorry I just found this comment. You were with me from the beginning of the “NEW” growth possess which all started in Cancun, Mexico several years ago. So shortly my unknown journey will begin with my 484-mile walk. Please don’t ever forget what you taught me several years ago! The statement that did change my life, something so simple but was still never a thought in my mind when you said, “HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE LOVED BY SO MANY?” Thanks for that (never forget) lesson.

  2. How remarkable to be granted such privileges at age 67 to provide community service and to know one’s core of happiness. I think it O.K. to revisit the pain of the past from time-to-time to see how I have grown in compassion, forgiveness, understanding (or not). God Bless you on your journey.

  3. Hiya Jim, Thank you for prompting me. You have such a good attitude in life, so real. Grammar, composition, punctuations sometimes are irrelevant in life. What’s matters at the end of this is between you and God. You are doing an awesome contribution to humanity. I have already booked my walk to Camino for 15 days in October with Walkers World. Sawade Krup _/\_ seeker.

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  5. Jim, I was looking for your old post on Camino and I don’t see it anymore. Do you have another site?

  6. Hi Seeker, ??? here is the link. http://jimscaminodesantiago.wordpress.com/ Or you can go to caminowalk.com and that will take you to the site. Are you excited?

  7. Hi, Jim, and thanks for stopping by an liking my blog, http://familyanswersfast.wordpress.com/ . In your last post you were unable to walk. That post was in close proximity to your Way of St. James. You got my attention 🙂 Through the intercession of St. James I pray for your health and happiness ❤ #NF

    • Thanks Angie, had to fly back from Thailand to the US for treatment. Still un-able to walk and in a nursing home getting physical therapy, it’s been 15 weeks looking at ceilings. Seeing some new doctors this week. Hope to be walking soon so I can go back to Thailand. My 500 mile Camino Pilgrimage was great but not the cause of my problems, but does play a big part of my recovery. Love your blog, so much unity, that’s the answer. lov…Jim
      My Camino blog..http://jimscaminodesantiago.wordpress.com/

      • What a story you have to tell, Jim! Thanks for your compliment about my blog. It makes me happy when someone can “see” me through my blogging. When you speak of unity you speak of love. You are right; that’s what it’s all about 🙂 Stay strong in mind, body, and spirit, Jim. I’m rooting for you! And do feel welcome to wave hi at my blog from time to time ❤

      • I hope you are well Jim… otherwise buy yourself some old school sneakers that you still remember from the past, then your spirit will have something to think about 🙂 Respect for the 500 miles walk, my longest walking so far is 25km in one go… I was thinking about this route in Spain a while ago, so if you have some blog posts about the journey you did, I will appreciate it 🙂 Cheers from Ireland

      • Sway, Go for it! Don’t let you 25k walk scare you. The physical part of the walk changes after a few days, it’s then a mental challenge. I have all the details about my walk in my Camino blog. How I prepared for it and what I went through. My book will be out next year.
        Check out my blog>>>> http://jimscaminodesantiago.wordpress.com/ I am also on Facebook Jim Kaszynski also have videos that I made on my You Tube channel
        My Camino video. It was a blast….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f8xig5PSc4&list=UUkj4cOb7Hugau1gvJ-fSXBQ

      • Thanks Jim… I will check out your blog for sure 🙂

  8. Thanks Angie, it’s funny a few years ago when I went to Thailand to volunteer at an orphanage, I went to change the world, the kids and the beautiful Buddhist culture taught me, I can’t change anything but myself; however “WE,” can change everything! Ya, that’s unity, which you are spreading the word, by being a good example. AS I lay in my bed, I try my best to be that example that we can cause a change, weather it’s with one of the nurses, or the cleaning lady. So I have to make all the challenges I face, fun, it does work. Don’t know if you saw my “Sunday Morning Coffee with Jim,” blog but things like that keep me going, I love this life! http://jimscoffee.wordpress.com/

  9. Hello! What a lovely blog. I’m inspired just reading it now. I wanted to thank you for the like, and for checking out my blog! : D

  10. Figuring out life – good
    Finding ants in your bed – not so good
    I must look up the organisation you are with. Sounds like they’re doing good work. Keep the faith : )

  11. The Voice.

    It is really awesome how positive you are. The aura and energy you throw to every reader is beautiful. Wish you all the best..Richard.

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